Does My Car Need a Wheel Alignment?

Does My Car Need a Wheel Alignment?

There are many reasons for keep your car or truck tires in line with each other.

Proper alignment will help you get the most out your tire investment. A car that is aligned properly will also be more fuel efficient.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about, have you ever found yourself trading one grocery cart for another because you know that you will have to constantly correct its direction, or it feels like something is dragging it down.

Why should you have to put the extra effort into getting this cart through the store?

This is generally due to the fact that one or more of the wheel’s have been impacted sufficiently enough to bend its mounting position out of alignment.

Some of the things to watch for with your car or truck.

  1. Is the steering wheel in the 12 O’clock position when you’re driving straight down the road?
  2. Does it go straight down the road if you let go of the wheel on a flat level road surface?
  3. Are all of your tires wearing evenly?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you’re car or truck needs to be aligned.

We have been doing alignments for almost two decades and we have the latest Hunter alignment equipment to do it with.

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