Why Is My Car Not Starting?

Why Is My Car Not Starting?

There are multiple reasons why your vehicle won’t start from time to time and there are a couple different sayings we use to determine what kind of no start condition the vehicle is having. A no crank no start condition is used to describe when you attempt to start your vehicle and nothing happens, the engine isn’t turning over and there are no sounds when trying to start. A cranks but won’t start condition is when attempting to start your vehicle and the engine is turning over or cranking but it won’t run on its own.

No Crank No Start Condition?

A no crank no start condition is usually, either the battery is no longer providing proper electrical power enough to turn the engine over, the starter has gone bad and is no longer cranking the engine over, or the engine has had a catastrophic failure and has seized.

Cranks, But Won’t Start?

When a vehicle will turn over or crank but won’t start the most common things that it can be are either a lack of spark coming from the spark plugs, or a lack of fuel pressure from the fuel pump. There are other things that can cause a vehicle to crank but not start however those are the two most common types of issues that happen when a car will crank, but won’t start.

How To Diagnose A Car That Won’t Start?

At Dickerson Automotive we take pride in our diagnosis and do everything we can to make sure we know exactly what is going on and how to repair the vehicle so it won’t continue to have these issues.


                -No Crank No Start Inspection:

When a car comes in with a no crank no start condition one of the first things we inspect is the starting and charging system. If the vehicle can be jump started it is usually a good indicator that there is either a problem with the battery or with the batteries charging system. We test the battery and make sure it is in good operating condition with a state of the art battery tester, after testing the battery we ensure the starter is receiving the proper amount of power to crank the vehicle over. Once the starter and battery have been inspected the charging system is then inspected to make sure the system is being properly charged by the alternator. Generally throughout inspecting these components a problem is identified with one of the three. Sometimes issues can go a bit deeper and require more testing to be done in order to find out why the vehicle is having an issue, but these cases are rare.

               -Cranks, But Won’t Start:

When a vehicle comes in that cranks but won’t start, the starting and charging system is still inspected to ensure its proper operation. However, some deeper tests are generally needed. We use a fuel pressure tester to inspect for proper fuel pressure coming from the fuel pump to ensure that fuel is being delivered to the combustion chamber. Spark output is also tested with a spark tester, each ignition coil or ignition wire is tested with a spark tester. Each spark plug is also removed and inspected for damage and tested to make sure the spark plugs are working normally. After these tests are performed generally we have an answer as to why the vehicle is not starting. However, there are cases when the fuel and spark systems are working normally. In this case further diagnostics are needed, there are multiple sensors as well as components that can be causing the vehicle to not start. After the initial testing has been completed we usually have a good idea of what system needs to be inspected and tested next. Usually about 70% of the time, a problem is indicated with either the fuel delivery or the ignition system.

Dickerson Automotive’s Diagnostics:

Diagnostics are one of the hardest things we do in the automotive industry. It takes the most expensive equipment, as well as the most experienced and educated technicians to get to the bottom of an issue. We use state of the art equipment and take every opportunity to receive the latest training and education opportunities we can. At Dickerson Automotive we stand behind what we do. If we encounter a problem and we are unable to get to the bottom of it there is absolutely no charge for diagnostics. We strive to be the best at what we do, and we will prove it to you! If you have questions regarding diagnostics or starting issues don’t hesitate to give us a call!