Why does my car burn oil?

Why does my car burn oil?

Burning oil is also referred to as oil consumption and surprisingly all vehicles consume oil to some extent. It is actually normal to burn about 1 quart of oil between oil changes and most manufactures will tell you this. As a vehicle gets driven there is very slight wear and tear that happens to an engine which is also normal, however this wear and tear will eventually lead to excessive oil consumption. So what causes cars to burn oil? The most common causes for oil consumption are worn out valve seats, or worn out piston rings. When these parts wear down enough they allow oil to enter the combustion chamber and gets burned off with the air and fuel mixture.

What are signs of burning oil?

The best way to determine if your car is consuming too much oil is by regularly checking the oil. This method is best used by checking your oil level every time you fill your car with gas. One quart of oil between oil changes is normal, if your engine oil level is too low on the dip stick and its not time for an oil change yet, it is a good indication that your car is consuming an excessive amount of oil.  Another way to determine if a car is consuming oil is by watching the tail pipe as the vehicle is running. If a blue smoke it coming out of the tail pipe its usually an indication that the vehicle is burning oil.

How to prevent oil consumption?

As we talked previously oil consumption is normal to an extent, and eventually a vehicle will start to burn an excessive amount. However depending on how often the vehicle has been regularly maintained plays a great role in preventing the oil consumption from happening early and getting the most life possible out of your vehicle. Todays cars have the ability to go 250,000-300,000 with regular maintenance. At Dickerson Automotive we perform comprehensive inspections every time a vehicle comes into our shop. This gives us an opportunity to determine the condition of the vehicle and also helps us develop a plan that fits your needs! Give us a Call Today!