What Kind of Driving Challenges Can Fall Bring

Fall is a beautiful time to be in Spanish Fork, UT. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing colors and falling, and there's an ongoing excitement for the holidays around the corner. With all of this in mind, these things do pose some additional risks on the road. Let's go in-depth on the different kinds of driving challenges you may face in the fall!

Rain, Fog, Ice & Snow

You should expect to see more inclement weather during this time of year, including rain, fog, and even snow. Consequently, you'll need effective windshield wiper blades to clear off your windshield to see. You'll also need your brakes and tires to be in tip-top condition to handle the road surfaces. 

More Night Driving

The sun is setting a lot earlier in the day now, which means you're most likely going to spend more time driving in the dark. Driving at night or in the dark is much more difficult than driving during the day. To ensure you can see correctly, you're going to need to test all your vehicle lights. We want you to see the road clearly, and we're sure other drivers wish to be aware of your presence too.

Fall Leaves 

Fall leaves are gorgeous and scenic, but they can significantly interfere with your drive when they drop and get wet. Scattered leaves on the road will make it more difficult for your tires to grip the surface of the road, especially if your tire tread is wearing down. If you encounter a leafy road, please remember to give yourself extra time to slow down to a stop.

Holiday Traffic

Many of us will be hitting the road for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so you should expect the streets and highways to be more packed than usual. If you don't practice safe and defensive driving, you can end up in a bad accident. To make sure your vehicle is safe to drive you miles and miles, please make sure you get a pre-trip inspection before you get out of town for the holidays.


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