What Is A Transmission Fluid Filter Service?

What Is A Transmission Fluid Filter Service?

Transmissions are easily one of the most overlooked services that we do. Transmissions and the fluid inside them is just as important as engine oil, after all transmission fluid is just like oil. Each transmission is different and also has different service intervals. Transmission services are generally recommended between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Dickerson Automotive recommends servicing transmission fluid every 30,000 miles to get the maximum life out of the transmission. There are multiple ways to service a transmission from a fluid exchange, drain and refill, or filter and fluid service. Today were going to talk about how we service transmissions by changing the filter and the fluid inside the transmission pan.

Why Is Transmission Fluid So Important?

Transmission fluid works just like engine oil does except its for the internal parts of the transmission. Automatic transmission fluid contains many cleaners as well as lubricants. The detergents and cleaners are very important in keeping the transmissions internal parts clean and working like they should. Overtime the fluid starts to break down, after all detergents can only clean so much before they start to break down and then will start to leave deposits on the internal transmission parts. This is one of the main reasons a fluid service is so crucial. Once the transmission fluid starts to discolor it is an indicator that the detergents have broken down to a point that they are no longer capable of keeping the system clean and needs to be serviced.

Where Is The Transmission Fluid Filter Located?

When servicing a transmission filter generally the transmission fluid pan has to be removed in order to gain access to the filter contained inside the transmission. First the transmission pan is removed and fluid is drained out of the pan into a catch container. After the pan has been removed the filter is usually located on the bottom side of the transmission and is held in place with one or two bolts. After removing the filter retaining bolts the filter can then be removed from the transmission housing. A new filter is then installed, then the transmission pan is installed. After installing the transmission oil pan the transmission will need to be properly refilled and level inspected for proper operation.

Going Above & Beyond

At Dickerson Automotive we use high quality fluids as well as filters. After a transmission fluid filter service has been performed we have an additive that we add to the transmission fluid during the fill procedure. This additive improves shifting characteristics, reduces torque converter shudder, enhances properties of new and used ATF, prolongs fluid life and prevents deposit formation. It keeps seals soft and pliable, prevents leaks and improves fluid oxidation stability. We believe in high quality products and fluids, and would never recommend anything that we wouldn’t use on our own personal vehicles. If you have questions about transmission services or any of the products that we use feel free to give us a call today!