What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

If you didn't know already, your transmission is a vast system responsible for carrying the power generated by your engine to your car's wheels. It is a hydraulic system, which means it depends on a fluid to carry out its function (transmission fluid). The liquid is similar to engine oil for the engine; it is intended to keep the transmission system parts cool and lubricated to prevent damage. If your fluid becomes dirty and ineffective, your vehicle will take a significant amount of transmission damage.

Transmission fluid is usually pink or red, and it passes through the system from the impeller to the turbine. Here are all the wonderful things it does for your car:

  • Allows you to shift gears
  • Provides hydraulic pressure
  • Lubricates transmission parts
  • Acts as a layer or barrier between moving components 
  • It helps the clutch engage when needed
  • Prevents wear, rust, and corrosion to important components

Like the engine, the transmission endures a lot of strain. As a result, it can get very hot in this area. Transmission fluid comes in handy by transferring heat away from the system. 

What Causes It to Go Bad?

Over time, the intense heat can break down the transmission fluid. Once the fluid can no longer do what it's supposed to, dissipating heat, your transmission can overheat. Additionally, dirt and debris can also get stuck in the gears and the transmission's parts. Sometimes, it can go as far as infecting your fluid, making it weak. Lastly, you can run low on transmission fluid if there is a leak within the system. 

If your transmission or transmission fluid needs immediate attention, please take your car to Dickerson Automotive. Our expert mechanics have the knowledge and experience in repairing transmissions, and we'll do everything in our power to get you the necessary fix. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your automobile, please give us a call or visit today.