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5 Fall Maintenance Tips for your Vehicle

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for your Vehicle

Fall is officially here, while winter is just around the corner. Seasonal changes can affect your vehicle. It’s important to prepare by performing essential maintenance tasks to ensure longevity. Checking your vehicle’s critical components can help you identify potential issues before they become actual issues. Below are five key car care tips to keep your vehicle in top shape throughout the winter. Inspect the brake pads.  It’s no surprise that your brakes are important; without them, your vehicle lacks control to stop or slow down. Your brakes should be a priority on your to-do list because just a little maintenance can increase their lifespan. If the brake pads have less than 4mm of material remaining, it’s time to have them replaced, and any less than that is a safety hazard. If the brakes are overdue, you may even notice a spongy brake pedal or a distracting scr ... read more


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