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How Do I Jump Start My Car?

How Do I Jump Start My Car?

How do I jump start my car? We’ve all experienced it, you jump in your car, turn the key and nothing happens. So what do we do next? Most people will call a tow truck and end up having to pay for towing to get their vehicle to a shop just to find out the battery was dead. Chances are the vehicle could have been jump started and driven to a shop (provided the charging system is working normally), and avoiding a towing bill. Jump starting a car can be an intimidating process but once you understand how to do it, its simple to remember. So lets discuss how to safely jump start a car with a dead battery. Safety First: There are some safety concerns that must be kept in mind not only for the vehicle that is being jump started, but also for you. After all were playing with electricity when jump starting a car and when done properly there is a low safety risk as long as these safety tips are followed. Always attach the positive (RED) cable to the po ... read more


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