5 Fall Maintenance Tips for your Vehicle

Fall is officially here, while winter is just around the corner. Seasonal changes can affect your vehicle. It’s important to prepare by performing essential maintenance tasks to ensure longevity. Checking your vehicle’s critical components can help you identify potential issues before they become actual issues. Below are five key car care tips to keep your vehicle in top shape throughout the winter.

Inspect the brake pads. 

It’s no surprise that your brakes are important; without them, your vehicle lacks control to stop or slow down. Your brakes should be a priority on your to-do list because just a little maintenance can increase their lifespan. If the brake pads have less than 4mm of material remaining, it’s time to have them replaced, and any less than that is a safety hazard. If the brakes are overdue, you may even notice a spongy brake pedal or a distracting screech sound when braking. Don’t wait until you notice the signs; keep your brake pads changed on a regular service schedule. 

Check all of the lights. 

Give your vehicle a good walk around and inspect all of its lights. Make sure the headlights, brake lights, fog lights, etc., are fully functional. If one of the bulbs has burned out, pick up a new bulb and have it replaced. Don’t hesitate to drop by the shop if you need assistance replacing a bulb.

Check your vehicle’s fluids. 

Checking all of the vehicle’s fluids is vital to keep your vehicle running at high capacity. Check the coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Your fluids should be inspected for their quantity and quality. If you aren’t sure what to look out for, bring your vehicle to an expert who can ensure that all major fluids are healthy and topped off.

Inspect the tires.

Braking, handling, safety, and performance all rely on the health of your tires. An inspection of your tires can keep you informed of potential leaks that need sealing or tires that need to be replaced. Tread is a significant factor in this inspection as it indicates how balanced the wheels are and how stable the alignment is.  

Change the wiper blades. 

It’s getting cold in Spanish Fork, and rain may be likely as we approach the winter. Take a few minutes to check that your wiper blades are prepared for the change in weather conditions. Wiper blades that are in good condition will produce a streak-free windshield. After replacing the wiper blades, check that the washer fluid is filled. 

Fall Vehicle Maintenance in Spanish Fork, UT  

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