Vehicle Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for That Special Someone

With the day of love coming up, you're probably trying to figure out what to get your significant other. If your partner is a car enthusiast, you've come to the right place for ideas. Here are our top picks!

  • Seat covers and floor mats: Most people tend to eat and drink in their car when they're in a hurry. As a result, spills and messes tend to happen. These covers and mats are easy to clean and stop stains from occurring. Furthermore, some are very stylish and can bring a completely new look to your vehicle.
  • Air fresheners or air diffusers: Who can say no to a fresh-smelling car? These are great smaller gifts to give.
  • Portable car vacuum: This is an excellent and practical gift for the everyday driver or car fanatic. A portable vacuum is designed to be stored in your car and be able to reach every crack in your vehicle.
  • Tickets to a car show: Your car-loving partner will appreciate you for being involved in their hobby. Plus, it'll be an experience for both of you to enjoy.
  • Portable car battery charger: After miles and miles of driving, everyone's vehicle battery will naturally grow weaker. A portable battery charger is convenient, just in case you can't get your car to turn on. It does not require another car and is the ultimate practical present that could make a world of difference.
  • Pay for their auto service: You can help your lover stay up-to-date on their maintenance (ex. oil change) or gift them a repair that they might've been putting off for a while. 

Your partner will surely appreciate you for these thoughtful gifts this Valentine's Day. For assistance on general auto maintenance and repairs, look no further than the certified professionals at Dickerson Automotive in Spanish Fork, UT.