Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Some people are prone to postponing auto repairs, despite the clear presence of a problem. Visiting the auto shop is essential if there is a problem with the vehicle's fitness to be driven, particularly with the brakes. The brakes of your car are its most important safety element, so be careful to maintain them so that they can protect you. If you observe any of these frequent indicators of brake failure, visit the shop immediately.

Grinding Noises

Strange sounds emanating from the brakes as you slow down usually indicate that the brake pads have worn thin and that metal is grinding against metal. The noise may be characterized as a howl, a grind, or a whine, but regardless of how it sounds to you, it always indicates problems.

Soft Brake Pedal

A mushy brake pedal usually indicates that the brake pads are low and need replacement. However, this condition might be the result of far larger and more dangerous problems. If your brake pedal is mushy or sits closer to the floor, this might indicate air in the brake lines or a brake fluid leak.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

Any vibrations emanating from the brake pedal must be handled promptly. Extremely forceful braking or abrupt braking at high speeds causes warping of the rotors. If the rotors are warped, the brake pads will not have a smooth surface to rub against, which will significantly reduce your vehicle's stopping power.

The brake pedal vibrates during normal braking because the pads are rubbing against the uneven surface of the rotors. It may be necessary to resurface or replace the rotors.

Pulling When Braking

When you use the brakes, the car should continue ahead or in the direction you are directing. If the vehicle pulls to the left or right, the brake pads may have worn unevenly. Unfortunately, this might also be an indication of debris in the braking fluid or a faulty wheel cylinder.

ABS Light

ABS light is the check engine light for the braking system. ABS means anti-lock braking system, and if this indicator light illuminates, sensors have discovered a problem requiring a professional diagnosis.

If you suspect brake issues, never postpone a visit to the auto shop. If your car need brake repairs, please bring it to Dickerson Automotive now.