Symptoms of Worn Out Shocks & Struts

Most drivers depend on their senses or warning lights on their dashboards to recognize when their vehicle is due for a service. However, some car parts, such as shocks and struts, have no explicit warnings. The suspension system, which includes your shocks and struts, is highly complex. You would have to depend on experience and research to know when your shocks and struts are worn out.


What are Shocks & Struts?

All vehicles come outfitted with shocks, struts, or both. Shocks, or shock absorbers, are the parts that regulate the springs. They are accountable for making sure your vehicle doesn't bounce excessively on bumpy surfaces such as speed bumps. They convert kinetic energy absorbed from the road into thermal energy, which minimizes shock. Struts serve a similar purpose and support the weight of your vehicle and contribute to the alignment. Both are affixed to your suspension system and are a necessary part of your vehicle's steering, handling, comfortability, and safety. Since they quickly wear out due to constant pressure when driving, you should consider replacing them regularly.


Symptoms that Indicate Worn-Out Shocks & Struts

Higher Tendency to Swerve Off the Road

It is reasonable for your vehicle to slide off the road in extreme or harsh weather conditions. But if it happens on an average day, then you should be worried. If you notice that your automobile is volatile, your shocks and struts might need to get replaced.


Uneven Wear on Tires

Worn-out shocks cannot keep your tires grounded, which leads to uneven wear and tear of wheels. So, if you notice that the tires are unusually wearing off, you should consider replacing your shocks.


Fluid Leaks Near Shocks & Struts

If you see any leakages on the exteriors of your struts and shocks, you should promptly visit an auto repair shop to have a proper diagnosis. If the fluid is leaking, it is evidence that there are broken seals, tampering with the shock absorbers' performance.


Excessive Vibration on Steering Wheel

Occasionally it is normal for the steering wheel to vibrate, especially if you drive on a bumpy road. But, the vibrations should subside once you get back onto the smooth road. If you notice that the vibrations persist, there is a possibility that your struts and shocks need replacement.



If your car bounces when coming to a complete stop or hits a speed bump in the road, this could be a symptom of old shock and struts.



If you notice any of these signs, you need to contact a vehicle expert for a proper diagnosis. The problem will only worsen if you choose to ignore it. If you require suspension system repairs or any other vehicle service, feel free to visit Dickerson Automotive today!