Maintaining vs Buying New


What advantages are there to keeping your older vehicle operational rather than trading it in for the latest model? When we conduct a digital inspection on your car, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of its condition. While it cannot foresee every issue, it does give you a good understanding of the current and long-term maintenance needs to keep your vehicle running. Considering the average cost of a new vehicle is now well over $48,000 with a monthly payment of $700 or more, the expenses for maintaining or repairing your current car may be more manageable within your budget.

Maintaining an older car instead of purchasing a new one can present numerous benefits. Primarily, it is often more economical to maintain an older vehicle, as new cars typically experience higher depreciation in the initial years. Additionally, older cars often feature simpler mechanical systems that are easier and less costly to repair, leading to reduced maintenance expenses. Moreover, older cars generally incur lower registration fees and insurance premiums, contributing to overall savings. From an environmental standpoint, keeping an older car in operation can also be more sustainable, as it diminishes the demand for new resources and energy needed to manufacture a brand-new vehicle.