Elevate Your Truck: The Complete Guide to Adding Leveling Kits and Suspension Lifts

Adding leveling kits and suspension lifts to trucks is a popular way to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and off-road performance of your vehicle. Here at Dickerson Automotive we can help you add the Suspension upgrades you have always wanted.

 Here's a detailed guide to what these modifications entail and their benefits, based on information from Cognito Motorsports.

Leveling Kits


Purpose and Benefits:

Leveling kits are designed to raise the front of the truck to match the height of the rear. This is particularly useful for trucks that have a noticeable front-end dip, often due to heavy engine weight or other factors. By leveling the truck, you achieve a more balanced and aggressive stance.



- Strut Extensions: These are commonly used in newer trucks with strut front suspensions. They are installed on top of the factory struts to provide a lift.

- Torsion Keys: For trucks with torsion bar suspension systems, upgraded torsion keys can be used to lift the front end.

- Coil Spring Spacers: These are inserted above or below the factory coil springs to achieve the desired lift.


 Suspension Lifts


Purpose and Benefits:

Suspension lift kits are more comprehensive than leveling kits. They lift the entire truck, providing greater ground clearance which is essential for serious off-roading. This modification allows for larger tires, which can further enhance off-road capability and improve the truck's overall look.

Types and Options:

Cognito Motorsports offers a variety of suspension lift kits ranging from 2-inch to 12-inch lifts. The choice of lift height depends on your specific needs and preferences:

- 2-3 Inch Lift Kits: These are ideal for mild off-roading and provide a slight height increase without drastically altering the truck's center of gravity.

- 4-7 Inch Lift Kits: Suitable for more aggressive off-roading, these kits offer a significant height increase and can accommodate larger tires.

- 10-12 Inch Lift Kits: These are for extreme off-road enthusiasts who require maximum ground clearance and the ability to navigate the toughest terrains.


Installation Considerations


When installing either leveling kits or suspension lifts, it's crucial to ensure that the modifications are compatible with your specific truck model. Cognito Motorsports provides kits that are tailored to different makes and models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. It's also important to consider the following:

- Professional Installation: While some experienced DIY enthusiasts may attempt installation, it's often recommended to have a professional handle the installation to ensure safety and proper alignment.

- Vehicle Warranty: Check your vehicle’s warranty to see if these modifications might affect it. Some manufacturers may void the warranty if significant modifications are made.


Additional Upgrades


To complement the lift kits, Cognito Motorsports also offers a range of additional upgrades, including:

- Control Arms: Upgraded control arms can improve the durability and performance of your truck's suspension system.

- Shock Absorbers: High-quality shocks are essential for managing the increased height and maintaining ride quality.

- Steering Components: Enhanced steering components ensure that your truck handles well even after a significant lift.


In summary, adding leveling kits and suspension lifts to your truck can greatly enhance its appearance and off-road performance. With options ranging from mild lifts to extreme off-road setups, there is a solution for every truck owner’s needs. Talk with your service writer at Dickerson Automotive.

 For more detailed information and to explore the specific products available,

visit Cognito Motorsports (https://cognitomotorsports.com/).


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