Do You Need to Change Power Steering Fluid?

If your car has a hydraulic power steering system, it has power steering fluid. The power steering fluid lubricates all the parts in the power steering system ensuring smooth and optimal movement as well as minimal wear and tear. Power steering fluid changes are not typically included in the regular maintenance checklist. So, do you need to replace the power steering fluid? Read on to find out.

Steering Issues

Power steering is meant to improve your steering. If you encounter issues with your steering, it signifies a problem with the steering and possibly, the power steering fluid.

You should begin by adding the power steering fluid as low levels may cause problems in the steering system.
If that does not suffice, try replacing the liquid as it may be contaminated. Contaminations will affect steering and damage parts of the power steering system.


It is essential to check the power steering levels every month. Your power steering warning light is a great indication to check the fluid but it might appear too late.

If you notice a puddle of red or pink fluid underneath your car, it means you have a power steering leak. Such a leak could cause severe damage to the entire system including the pump.

The leak also means contamination of the rest of the fluid. Therefore, fix the leak and replace the power steering fluid.

Steering Service Near Spanish Fork, UT

When you take your vehicle for routine maintenance, the shop may not check the power steering fluid. It is vital to check the owner's manual and see how often you should change the fluid.

If there aren't specific instructions, it would be prudent to change the liquid when you take it for service.
Consider the above factors to determine when to replace the power steering fluid.

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