Do Hybrid Vehicles Need Maintenance?

In short, the answer is Yes! At Dickerson Automotive, our team has a wide range of experience, including maintenance and repairs on Hybrid vehicles. 

Standard Maintenance for Hybrids

Most people commonly believe that owning a hybrid or electric vehicle will require more complex maintenance procedures, leading to more costly expenses. Though there are some other things to take care of, basic hybrid vehicle maintenance doesn't differ significantly from standard vehicles. Hybrid drivers still need routine oil changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, fluid checks, and transmission maintenance.

The Differences in Maintenance

Still, there are a few differences in caring for a hybrid vehicle versus a standard car. There are different types of hybrid engine systems out on the market. When considering "full hybrid" vehicles, they have the capability to turn off their internal combustion engine and run exclusively on the electric motor under particular conditions. This process is what ultimately saves you on gas, as well as general wear and tear on the combustion engine.

Additionally, many full hybrids also have regenerative braking systems. This mechanism recharges your battery and reduces wear and tear. Nevertheless, hybrid vehicles have more complex drivetrain and computer systems that need to be looked at during regular maintenance appointments.

Dealing with a hybrid's electrical components can be tricky and dangerous, which is why it's important you leave your hybrid vehicle to a professional set of hands. Thankfully, the experts at Dickerson Automotive in Spanish Fork, UT, have years of experience working on hybrids.

Hybrid Maintenance & Repairs in Spanish Fork, UT

If you own a hybrid vehicle, you should know that you need to be more selective in your maintenance and repairs. Hybrids require special care and attention, and you don't want to trust complex work to someone you're not sure you can completely trust. At Dickerson Automotive, we can help you with your factory scheduled maintenance, in addition to diagnosing and repairing any possible problems you have with your hybrid vehicle. For exceptional hybrid services in Spanish Fork, UT, please call or visit Dickerson Automotive today!