Diesel Fuel Filters

How often should I replace my Fuel Filter?

Fuel filters are an extremely critical part of keeping an engine running clean and efficiently. Fuel filters are made from either pleated paper, or a non-woven fiber element. The purpose of these filters is to filter the fuel that is coming from the fuel tank before it is delivered to the combustion chamber. When fuel is purchased from the fuel station it is ready to use, however there is still some very small particles and contaminants that need to be filtered out. As the fuel runs across the paper elements of the fuel filter the small contaminants are caught and contained inside the fuel filter. Overtime the filter will lose its ability to properly filter the fuel due to the excessive number of contaminants already caught. This is why regular fuel filter replacement is so important.

What happens if I don’t replace my fuel filter?

Once the filter has become excessively contaminated the flow of fuel is reduced. When this happens the engine will run rough and have a misfire due to there not being enough fuel in the combustion chamber. When contaminants build up on a fuel filter it causes a restriction which in turn will cause pressures to increase and heat to rise. If left un-serviced there is a chance the fuel filter will crumble into smaller pieces and start to pass into the fuel lines and combustion chamber which can cause blockage in fuel lines and injectors. When a fuel line or injector becomes blocked or plugged it usually ends in an extensive and sometimes expensive repair. Regular maintenance is next to nothing when comparing it to a full fuel system repair.

How often should I change my fuel filter?

Diesel fuel filters are recommended every 15,000 miles. Each type of vehicle is also very different, some vehicles have two filters in an effort to clean the fuel as much as possible. At Dickerson Automotive we use top of the line products straight from the factory to ensure proper filtration and performance. When was the last time you had your fuel filter serviced? Give us a call today!


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