Celebrate October Fall Car Care Month With Dickerson Automotive!

Several maintenance items can go a long way toward improving your vehicle’s safety, performance, and longevity during the fall. With autumn finally here in Utah, the weather will cool down and the leaves will change colors. Fall weather tends to bring about many challenges for our automobiles. To avoid unwanted breakdowns or accidents, we recommend taking care of these 10 maintenance items to make sure your car is fit for the road. 


In fact, October is Fall Car Care Month anyway. Show your vehicle some love, and it’ll treat you in return.  Here are our top 10 maintenance tips to follow!

  1. Top off vehicle fluids. Your vehicle relies on many different fluids, including motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze/coolant, and even windshield washer fluid. At Dickerson Automotive, our team can take care of inspecting and refilling your fluids. We’ll even check for leaks too.
  2. Inspect belts and hoses. These are some of your vehicle’s most vulnerable components. Make sure they aren’t crumbling, fraying, going loose, or showing any major signs of excessive wear.
  3. Test the battery (and replace it if necessary). At our auto service shop, we can test your battery for a proper charge. It has probably endured strenuous activity over the summer. Our team will check for corrosion too. 
  4. Service brakes. Components like brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake fluid need to be serviced regularly and replaced before they are too worn out. At Dickerson Automotive, we are always looking out for our customers’ safety by performing accurate brake replacements.
  5. Make sure there are no exhaust leaks. Exhaust system problems can be minor to very dangerous. If one little thing goes wrong in the emissions process, it can have harmful impacts on your vehicle, your personal safety, and/or the environment. 
  6. Get a tune-up. This under-the-hood check-up will make sure your engine receives a balanced amount of air and fuel to run efficiently and smoothly. 
  7. Run the heater and defrosters. Check to see if these two vital HVAC functions work so that you and your passengers can stay comfortable throughout the fall and winter. The defrosters will come in handy to clear your windscreen if it freezes over.
  8. Inspect the steering and suspension components. These two systems work hand in hand to allow maximum handling and control. 
  9. Check tire pressure and tire tread depth. When your tires are properly inflated and have tread deep enough to grip the road properly, your tires will wear evenly and safely. 
  10. Replace windshield wipers. Rain, fog, and even snow can creep up on many of us late in the year. Make sure your vehicle is equipped to clean off your windscreen to allow optimal visibility. 

If you need help taking care of your car, SUV, or truck this fall, please stop by Dickerson Automotive today. We are happy to assist you with your fall car items.