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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Common Dashboard Lights & What They Mean

Common Dashboard Lights & What They Mean

All vehicles are equipped with a sophisticated computer system that’s programmed to alert you if it detects something wrong. If you turn on the ignition and notice a warning light, it’s important to bring your vehicle into Dickerson Automotive as soon as possible for an inspection. Depending on which warning light illuminates, a major issue can progress quickly and lead to an unexpected breakdown. It’s important to pay attention to the dashboard warning lights because not only do they keep you safe, but they prevent automotive failures and their expensive repair bills. Below are the most common dashboard warning lights and what they can indicate:  Oil Pressure Light The oil pressure light is an image of an old fashioned oil tin and indicates an issue with your vehicle’s oil pressure system. If this light illuminates, your car may be low on oil, or the oil pressure is low. This light alerts of a problem that should be addressed as soon as ... read more


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