What’s the Best Oil for My Car?

What's the Best Oil for My Car?

To sum it up in two words, CLEAN OIL.

Check out this case study:

What's the Best Oil for My Car?

The photos are of two identical Toyota engines with approximately 110,000 miles on each of them.

One has obviously been hit or miss on its oil changes, the other has obviously had its oil changed on a regular basis. These engines are capable of 300,000 miles plus with proper maintenance.

The more consistent you are with following a regular maintenance plan the longer your car will last. That goes for all of the fluids in your car.

Over time the chemical composition of the fluids in your car will change and not for the better.

As far as what type of fluid or oil is best is generally a matter of opinion. Just be sure that the oil or other fluid being put into your car meets the manufacturer requirements. You will be fine, don’t let this very costly experience happen to you.

Invest money into maintenance and your overall cost of ownership will be much less.

We help people setup maintenance plans to get the most out of their car every day, we also take pride in helping people keep track of it so you don’t have to.

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