Do I need tires on my car?

Do you know tire lingo? Tires are a big investment and a crucial safety feature of the vehicle. When a shop is describing the condition of your tires there are a few words that they will use and knowing the meaning will help you make the decision  of when its right for you to make that investment.

Cords Showing- This a  reinforcing material in the tire typically made up of steel used to keep the shape of the tire, once you have worn down to the point of cords showing the tread is gone and the tire is no longer safe to drive on.

Bald- Tires are made up of multiple layers. A bald tire has worn through the tread and no longer has the traction required for stopping

Cupping is a wear pattern indicating high and low spots in the tread. Most commonly caused by a suspension issues, you will notice extra tire noise, shaking or vibrating.

Edge wear- it can be inner or outer edge wear, the tire is wearing unevenly  and leaning on the inner or outer side causing  can be caused by low tire pressure, alignment issues.

Weather cracking the life of most tires is about  5 years even if they still have tread, they tend to crack to much sun exposure. Cracking is a sign the rubber is breaking down, reducing the flexibility of the tire.

Few things that can prolong the life of  the tires regular rotations, yearly alignments proper inflation. The auto industry standard  for replacement would be every six years so knowing the tread depth will help you calculate,  new tread is between 10 to 12/32 of an inch depending on the tire. Replacement is recommended between 2 to 3 /32 of and inch.