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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Signs It’s Time to Swap Out Your Cabin Air Filter

Signs It’s Time to Swap Out Your Cabin Air Filter

Drivers should always be attentive to the quality of the air traveling inside through their vehicle vents. The vents have air filters that prevent you from breathing in dust, debris, and other harmful pollutants. Cabin air filters help prevent potential respiratory health problems. If you're among the select population that is more sensitive to air pollution or has allergies, then you should stay on top of changing your cabin air filter.    You can find the air filter's change interval listed in the vehicle's owner's manual most of the time. However, you should also consider accounting for your driving habits, seasons, and the type of environment in which you operate your vehicle. To better know when it's time to swap the filter out for a new one, be on the lookout for the signs of an ineffective filter. Foul Smell  When the filter becomes clogged, you'll notice a musty smell blowing through the vents. If the odor makes you and your passengers ... read more

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