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Monthly Archives: September 2020

My Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn

My Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn

The steering system is an essential part of the vehicle because it allows the driver to control its direction. A malfunctioning steering wheel can create an array of problems. If the steering wheel becomes stiff or suddenly locks up, it can lead to a major accident. Many components make up the power steering system which allow it to turn with little resistance effectively. One seemingly small issue can break the entire system down; that’s why it’s essential to identify a potential problem before it becomes hazardous. Below are common reasons why the steering wheel has become hard to turn. Bad steering rack The steering rack is an essential aspect of the power steering system. It’s made up of the pinion and rack. The steering rack can become subject to wear and tear after several years of driving. If the steering wheel is hard to turn right after starting the engine, the steering rack may be the ca ... read more


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