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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Don’t Forget to Replace Your Fuel Filter

Don’t Forget to Replace Your Fuel Filter

Filters are an essential part of life. Without a filter, your summer swim in the pool would be a summer swim in a cesspool. Your air filter prevents you from breathing harmful debris and contaminants. Filters are usually there to trap what you don’t need and leave you with what you do need. Your car has many filters to trap harmful particles from entering your engine or cabin. The fuel filter is one of the most essential filters because it works to deliver clean fuel to the combustion chamber continually. If you don’t regularly replace your fuel filter, the filter can become clogged, resulting in severe damage and costly repairs. What happens if you don’t change your fuel filter? Below are a few common issues to expect from a clogged fuel filter: The Engine Will Stall A fuel filter that’s clogged or blocked will stall your engine while you’re driving. If a vehicle doesn’t get the proper amount of fuel, it will stall. The Ch ... read more


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