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Air Conditioning

Is your A/C blowing warm? Where to start?

We will start with a visual inspection for any visible leaks, visible damage, determine if compressor is engaging.  As long as everything is in working order the refrigerant capacity will need to be checked and verify the system can hold pressure (which will also indicate a leak) At that point the technician would recharge the system to the correct capacity refrigerant and with an ultra violet dye. Air conditioning systems are very temperamental, the refrigerant level must be perfect not too full and not too low.

How do you know which refrigerant goes in your vehicle, As of 2015 there are 2 different types of refrigerant, 134a which most vehicles take and 1234yf. These two fluids are not compatible with each other, it is either one or the other the vehicle a/c system label will specify which to use.

What symptoms can I watch for to tell if I have low refrigerant? AC blowing warm at all times, blowing warm while driving and cool while at idle. There is still a chance that another component may have gone out or could be leaking.

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