5 Most Important Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

Your vehicle's dashboard can give you a lot of information about whether the components of your vehicle are functioning correctly. It can also tell you when you need maintenance. There are some warnings on your dashboard that shouldn't be ignored though, including the:

  • Electrical system fault warning light
  • Tire pressure warning light
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Coolant temperature warning light
  • Check engine warning light

Electrical Fault Light

The electrical fault light looks like a car battery and is one of the most important warning lights on your dashboard. When on, it indicates that there is a problem somewhere in the electrical system of your vehicle and this means the battery won't be able to function properly.

What to Do

While ignoring it might not cause major damage to your vehicle, it is possible that your car won't be able to start again until it's fixed so it's important to take your vehicle in for maintenance while it is still operational.

Tire Pressure Light

The tire pressure light on your dashboard is another important warning light. It usually looks like a tire, making it easy to distinguish.

What to Do

Ignoring the tire pressure warning can be outright dangerous because it indicates that you may have an air leak or another fault in one or more tires. Tires that aren't at the correct pressure don't function correctly and can make it dangerous to operate your vehicle because it won't brake or turn as effectively.

Oil Pressure Light

This warning light looks like an oilcan and is usually red or deep amber color to indicate its importance.

What to Do

The oil pressure light tells you a lot about the condition of your vehicle's engine oil. When this oil starts to accumulate debris and turn into sludge it doesn't function properly and this can lead to various problems.

Initially, engine performance decreases. Left long enough, your vehicle's engine won't be lubricated properly and heat will increase to damaging temperatures that may ruin it.

Coolant Temperature Light

The coolant temperature light looks like a thermometer dipped in liquid and tells you that your engine is overheating.

What to Do

It can be due to several different causes and not all of them require immediate maintenance but it shouldn't be ignored either. It's a warning that you need to investigate further to determine the exact problem or your vehicle's engine may suffer. Stop driving and let the engine cool for a moment at least.

Check Engine Light

This warning light looks like a simple engine block and it's usually the same on all vehicles.

What to Do

The check engine light is usually the most serious and feared warning because of the kind of damage it can signal. This warning often indicates the potential for serious engine damage.

When ignored, your vehicle could suffer from a blown head gasket or a seized engine. Immediate investigation and maintenance are important to rule out serious problems before they occur.

As soon as you notice a warning light appear on your vehicle's dashboard, we invite you to bring your car into our professional shop for assistance!