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They did a great job, I appreicate the great service. I feel that I was given quality products at a fair price. They know the value of good old home town service.

Dale, we are grateful for opinion of us, coming from someone that deals in customer service yourself means a lot.

- Dickerson Automotive

Finally a mechanic I love!!! Dickerson Automotive was soooo nice to me and so fast! Everyone was very kind and I can't believe how affordable they are. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back!

Ann, we are glad you had a great experience with us, thank you for your support.

- Dickerson Automotive

I have loved going to Dickerson Automotive. They have taken great care of myself, my family and friends. There is no one else I would recommend for working on your car or truck. When my wife's van broke down a she limped it into their parking lot just to have a hose blow on the radiator. They all raced out of the shop to get my 4 girls out of the van and to help anyway they could. She was was calmed by their friendly smiles and they way they went beyond what a repair shop would normally have done. So I say thank you to Todd and all of the other guys. A loyal customer for life. Kyle Harrison

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