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A vehicle’s regular oil change is one of the most common vehicle services and is also the most important. Engine oil is vital to the overall health of your vehicle. It lubricates parts and prevents metal to metal contact and corrosion, while also helping to regulate the engine’s temperature and keep it clean from dirt and grime build-up. Your regular oil change will help ensure that your engine runs at its best, and the experts here at Dickerson Automotive in Spanish Fort, UT are here to help. 

At our Spanish Fork oil change service shop, we offer comprehensive oil changes that are thorough and fairly priced. Your services will be performed by ASE certified technicians who are factory trained and professional. We will use the correct oil for your vehicle based on factory recommendations and your own individual driving habits. Our ultimate goal is to provide oil services that will help to increase the overall lifespan of your engine. 

How often your vehicle will need an oil change will depend upon your individual car’s manufacturer recommendations. It could be every 3 months or 3,000 miles, or it could be a longer interval such as every 5 months or 5,000 miles. Here at our shop, we can help you better understand the correct interval for your vehicle based on factory recommendations. 

Your vehicle’s regular oil change is a service that you should never miss. When you miss an oil change, it can cause irreversible damage to your vehicle’s engine which can be costly to repair. Parts can start to rub against each other and your engine can overheat. By having your oil service done on time, you’re saving yourself time, money, and stress! 

An important factor of a good oil change is the quality of oil used. High quality oils are critical when it comes to proper lubrication of parts and effective cooling. Here at Dickerson Automotive, we only use high-grade and brand-name engine oils and filters for our services to guarantee the quality of our work. We also perform a full vehicle inspection along with your oil service to check that all major systems are working properly and inform you if there are any issues that need to be addressed. 

If you’re looking for an oil change service in Spanish Fork, UT, we invite you into our shop for friendly and timely service here at Dickerson Automotive. Stop by or schedule an appointment online today. 

Oil Change Service - Dickerson Automotive

Why Choose Dickerson Automotive for your Oil Change Service?

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Experienced Technicians Dedicated to the Best Oil Changes

When you have your oil change service performed at Dickerson Automotive, you can be assured that a qualified, ASE-Certified technician will be working on your vehicle and not an inexperienced lube tech. Our technicians know the right kind of oil to put in your engine — whether synthetic, conventional, or synthetic blend — based on how you use your vehicle and how you drive. So whether you drive a high-mileage commuter, a pickup truck for hauling, or a track-ready sports car, you can know that it’ll get the best oil change possible so it will last longer.

Only Quality Engine Oils

The quality of oil and filter used on your car is important for proper lubrication and long-lasting performance. That’s why we only use high-grade name-brand engine oils and filters for every oil change service.

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