Why ASE Certification?

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence

Automotive Service Excellence, a nonprofit organization promotes excellence in vehicle repair, service and parts distribution.

Almost 300,000 Automotive Technicians and Service Professionals hold ASE Certifications. However it is not required by law in the state of Utah for Professionals in our industry to be certified in any way. Basically anyone that can land a job working for a shop can call themselves a Technician or Mechanic.

You should be aware that not all mechanics are equal.

The Technician or mechanic that volunteers to take these tests is proud of their ability’s and are willing to prove it.

Dickerson Automotive is the first shop in Utah County to be awarded the Blue Seal of Excellence. This requires that 75% of your staff have ASE Certification and at least one that is a Master Certified Technician.

We currently have two Master Certified Technicians, we also actively promote training and opportunities for our employees to advance their skill set. Many shops and parts stores like to use ASE Certification in their advertising. However next time you go into a shop, look for the certificates to be placed on the wall.

Believe me if a Technician goes to the trouble to become certified, they want you to see it. We proudly display our technician’s certifications in our waiting room.

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