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Running your engine produces a lot of heat, whether sitting at idle or zipping down Interstate 15. It’s your radiator’s job to dissipate that heat, keeping your engine at a consistent operating temperature for peak efficiency and comfort. When your radiator is not cooling as it should, it can be due to a leak or the radiator could be plugged. Whatever the problem with your vehicle’s cooling system, bring it to Dickerson Automotive for affordable, dependable radiator repairs in Spanish Fork

Why Choose Dickerson Automotive for your Radiator Repair?

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Experienced and and professional technicians

Since 2000, our ASE-Certified technicians have been performing radiator repairs and replacements for the Utah Valley. They have the tools and knowledge to accurately and quickly diagnose cooling system problems in all models, from domestic makes like Ford and Dodge to imports such as Mazda and Kia.

Thorough cooling system inspections for accurate diagnosis

We always perform a thorough inspection of your complete cooling system to ensure an accurate diagnosis every time. What may appear to be a radiator problem could actually be another issue like a water pump or thermostat failing. We will pressure test the cooling system for leaks, and perform a visual inspection on your hoses, fluid levels, and radiator fins to isolate the exact cause of your cooling system problem.

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Comprehensive overviews

Once we know what ails your cooling system, we will advise you of the issue and explain it in detail. We want you to be fully educated on the problem your car has, whether you need a radiator replacement, a heater core or coolant hose changed. We will show you the problem on your vehicle so you can more accurately identify what needs to be repaired.

No-pressure repair recommendations

We have the responsibility to advise you of all the issues your vehicle has. We will assist you in determining the best course of action to help save you money wherever possible. We will never pressure you into repairs, and will work with your budget to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Radiator and cooling system repairs performed with quality parts

For the best cooling performance, fitment, and dependability, we choose Original Equipment or quality aftermarket radiators and other cooling system components for all radiator repairs.