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Alternator Repair in Spanish Fork, UT

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Your alternator charges your battery and provides power for your accessories as you drive through the streets of Spanish Fork. It works without a second thought until there is a problem. You might have the battery indicator or warning sign illuminate on your dash, or you might have trouble starting your car. The lights may be dimmer than normal, or you might hear a whining noise under the hood. It could be your alternator failing, or possibly the battery or starter is acting up. It’s important to have a reliable, honest shop diagnose the problem and repair it. Choose the experts at Dickerson Automotive in Spanish Fork for your accurate alternator testing, evaluation and or replacement at an affordable cost. Years ago it was common to repair alternators, in today’s age they are simply serviced as a unit.

Why Choose Dickerson Automotive for your Alternator Repair?

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Experienced and and professional technicians

Our technicians are ASE-Certified and have years of training and experience to diagnose and repair charging and starting system problems. They are friendly and knowledgeable, providing helpful advice and repair explanations to our customers in all cases.
Thorough inspections for accurate diagnosis of your charging system
Every charging or starting system problem, whether the alternator, battery, or starter, is subject to a complete diagnosis to ensure the correct problem is identified. A visual inspection and electronic tests are performed to confirm whether the alternator needs to be replaced, saving you time and money from having the wrong repair performed.

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Comprehensive and transparent overviews

No matter how big or small the repair your car requires, we will explain it in detail so you understand how it affects your car’s operation. Whether you need a new battery in your Ford Taurus or your VW Golf needs an alternator repair, we want you to be fully aware of what your car needs. No-Pressure Repair Recommendations
We only recommend repairs that actually need to be performed, and we only communicate what needs our attention. Unlike other shops, we will not pressure you to perform any repairs you aren’t sure about and will only proceed with your alternator repair with your authorization.
Quality replacement alternators and parts
For the most reliable, long-lasting repairs, we always use OEM alternators and top-grade new or rebuilt aftermarkets alternators and