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Brake Repair

  • Whether you’re cruising down Interstate 15 with the top down in the summer or travelling in the treacherous wintry conditions that hit the Utah Valley, you need to be able to stop efficiently.
  • Problems can occur that plague your braking system and require your attention.
  • Brake Issues to be aware of: Brake pulsation, ABS warning light, parking brake warning, spongy brake pedal, brake squeal or grind.
  • No matter what brake repair you might need, visit the reliable, affordable brake repair experts at Dickerson Automotive in Spanish Fork to keep you driving safely.

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Why Choose Dickerson Auto for Your Brake Repair?

Thorough inspections for accurate diagnosis

Just because your brakes are squealing doesn’t mean you necessarily need new brakes. When you visit Dickerson Automotive, we will perform a complete visual and mechanical inspection of the entire braking system to determine the proper brake repair for your car to ensure a precise diagnosis. We will make sure the right repair is recommended so you aren’t changing brake parts needlessly.

Brake repairs for most types of braking systems

Some of the brake repair services we offer:

  • Drum brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Anti-Lock brakes (ABS)
  • Performance model brakes (ceramic brakes, cross-drilled brakes, etc.)
  • Aftermarket brakes

Comprehensive Overviews

We always thoroughly explain the details of the required repairs on your car, making sure you understand fully what is needed. We want you to be an educated customer, so we will answer all your questions so you are comfortable with the diagnosis. You can rest assured we won’t be performing any repairs until you give us your authorization.

Brake Repairs by Experienced Technicians

Regardless of the severity of brake repair your car needs, from changing the brake pads and rotors all around to a caliper or ABS sensor replacement, our ASE-Certified technicians will use their extensive knowledge and training to perform the repairs properly the first time.

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