Alternator Repair

  • Your alternator charges your battery and provides power for your accessories as you drive through the streets of Spanish Fork.
  • It works without a second thought until there is a problem.
  • You might have the battery indicator or warning sign illuminate on your dash, or you might have trouble starting your car.
  • The lights may be dimmer than normal, or you might hear a whining noise under the hood.
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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

In Spanish Fork, temperatures and precipitation vary from one time of year to another, and even from one hour to the next. In the summer, your air conditioning removes humidity in your car and cools you down to make your drive more pleasant.

Auto Diagnostics Repair

It’s a beautiful thing when your vehicle operates exactly as it should, and driving your car in Spanish Fork is an enjoyable, relaxing experience. However, when problems arise you feel uneasy about driving at all. You need to figure out what that warning light is all about or what that strange whining noise is.

Brake Repair

  • Brake pulsation
  • ABS warning light
  • Parking brake warning
  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Brake squeal or grind.

Engine Repair

A smoothly running engine purrs quietly as you drive through the streets of Spanish Fork and its surrounding communities. When the engine light comes on, you notice a rattle, ping, or knock, or if your engine suddenly stalls, it’s alarming and disheartening, and your vehicle will need an engine repair.

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