Zane Draper
Zane Draper
19:47 14 Jan 20
I have had Dickerson Automotive work on two of my vehicles that I could not get any one else in my town to fix. Both times Dickerson's were quick and professional. I appreciated that they would call and quote a price when they found something additional rather than just fixing it and charging me for the repair. Their customer service is by far the best that I have ever experienced. They called a couple weeks after both repairs to make sure everything was still operating the way it should and to see if I had any questions. They may charge a little more than my local garage, but it's worth it to me. I gladly drive or haul my vehicles the 85 miles for them to work on.
D Williams
D Williams
06:47 09 Jan 20
If you're looking for the best automotive waiting room experience ever, I highly recommend Dickerson. Cold beverages, comfy chairs, clean environment, television, and friendly reception and service advising staff. If you're looking to save a buck or $200, this isn't your mechanic. Clean shop, luxurious waiting room, top-of-the-line tools, and a large office staff come at a cost that must be passed on.
shawn betteridge
shawn betteridge
22:03 02 Jan 20
Very happy with the service. They seemed honest, knowledgeable and their place of business was clean.
shawn betteridge
shawn betteridge
22:03 02 Jan 20
Very happy with the service. They seemed honest, knowledgeable and their place of business was clean.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith
15:10 29 Dec 19
Why would you go anywhere else? Their service is timely, and they let me drive one of their cars while mine is in the shop! Also, I really like the email breakdown of everything they send me! They ask the right questions!
Joseph L.
Joseph L.
05:49 27 Nov 19
I took my car in last week to have the wheel checked. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to my schedule. They had the problem fixed in under an hour and they didn't charge me for the visit! Great service, I highly recommend them!
Kaleb Mories
Kaleb Mories
04:34 21 Nov 19
Great shop recommend to anyone with car problems. Great staff dropped off my car in the morning before work kept me updated on progress all day and had the problem fixed by the time I was off work. Will definitely use this shop for all my vehicle repairs.
Katrina Long
Katrina Long
12:25 10 Oct 19
Todd and his staff are so friendly and honest. He really takes the time to tell you what work is really needed on your vehicle. If you want assurance and peace of mind in your mechanic Dickerson Automotive is where you need to take your vehicles.
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers
14:08 03 Oct 19
Dickerson auto is a fantastic company to work with. I feel very comfortable with them taking care of my vehicles. I never feel like I’m getting the up sell. They will always make sure your car is safe for your family.
Tech Support
Tech Support
16:43 23 Sep 19
Dickerson Auto has taken care of me and my family for many years. Recently the water pump in our F150 died and we lost a drive belt. With urgent reaction the team at Dickerson Auto fixed our truck problem and got us back on the road the same day.Thank you for the great service and attention to detail. Happy customerThe Bowen family
Ron Erickson
Ron Erickson
21:32 20 Sep 19
They saved me big time on my repairs,great customer service, building very clean inside &out,all employee that I had contact very knowledgeable &made me feel good about my visit,they even came an picked me to get my truck from their shop.,IGIVE THEM A RATTING OF FANTASTIC ALLROUND
Lee West
Lee West
14:03 20 Sep 19
Dickerson's technician/mechanic Shawn located and fixed my suspension problem on my vehicle in short order ! Other shops had tried and failed. Thank you! *That was about a year ago. Yesterday I drove up to Dickerson Automotive (about 100 miles) again. This time for a problem with the air conditioning.They will always have my business . Solid FIVE stars!
Nate Moller
Nate Moller
21:28 29 Jul 19
Dickerson is such a reliable mechanic in Spanish Fork. I've been using them for over 4 years and have been so happy to work with them.One of the things I like best about Todd, Craig and the Dickerson Auto staff is I always feel they have my best interest in mind. They ask me questions like, "How long would you like to have your vehicle?" A question like this shows that they want to do what's best for ME, not just their bottom line.Thanks to Dickerson Automotive for how well they take care of me and my family. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, even if you're just passing by.
Shannon Taylor
Shannon Taylor
15:49 26 Jul 19
We were traveling thru to Arizona with 3 horses in a trailer, and has a brake caliper came off....metal on metal. They told us to hit the road and find someone else, they were too busy. Don't bother if u are stranded...too busy, and not interested in helping to get you back on the road!! "Be warm and well fed" attitude, with absolutely no compassion to offer! I hope someone treats them better if they are ever in a jam!
garrett Averett
garrett Averett
23:31 02 Jul 19
Amazing businesses with honest straight forward employees. Will forever use them for my issues. Quick reliable and trustworthy
Shaquel Rhodes
Shaquel Rhodes
17:03 02 Jul 19
Great company who stands behind their work. Todd was very Good at explaining what was going on with our vehicle in a way that iould understand it.
Sheila Cheff
Sheila Cheff
22:57 20 Jun 19
Very pleased with the service! Quick and Courteous loaning me a car to drive to work while they were working on my car. I would highly recommend them!
Matt Meibos
Matt Meibos
15:32 20 Jun 19
Dickerson auto is great! I've had my car aligned and tires balanced there, and it rode much better than I thought it would after getting it fixed. Afterwards they explained that their state of the art alignment machine and tire balancer are the some of the best in the industry. I noticed a small charge in shop supplies but being somewhat familiar with cars I realize that they probably had to use some lubricant for the rusty bolts under mine. These guys are super friendly and I have sent other members of my family here to take care of there cars. Highly recommended to anyone in the southern Utah county area. They may be a tad bit more pricey, BUT well worth it for the professional manner in which they help fix your car right.
Matt Meibos
Matt Meibos
00:21 20 Jun 19
Dickerson auto is great! I've had my car aligned and tires balanced there, and it rode much better than I thought it would after getting it fixed. Afterwards they explained that their state of the art alignment machine and tire balancer are the some of the best in the industry. I noticed a small charge in shop supplies but being somewhat familiar with cars I realize that they probably had to use some lubricant for the rusty bolts under mine. These guys are super friendly and have sent other members of my family here to take care of there cars. Highly recommended to anyone in the southern Utah county area. They may be a tad bit more pricey, but we'll worth it for the professional manner in which they help fix your car right.
Mallorie Topham
Mallorie Topham
20:20 22 May 19
Very nice and trustworthy staff. Nice and clean waiting area with refreshments. Would highly recommend!!
Crystal Jewkes
Crystal Jewkes
18:31 22 May 19
I love Dickerson automotive. They always treat me with kindness and respect even when I do something dumb to my car!LOL. They are fair and go the extra mile to make me feel good about bringing my car to them. THANK YOU!
Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall
02:41 13 Apr 19
We took our truck in for an oil change they offered to rotate our tires for no additional charge and at the last minute I asked if they could do my emissions test also. They also, free of charge, ran a safety check and I formed us of several things that needed to be fixed. They let us know that they could help us fix it, but totally didn't pressure me into anything. They took longer than they had told me it would be and I was glad I arranged for someone to come pick me up. We will definitely be going back to them in the future.
Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall
02:41 13 Apr 19
We took our truck in for an oil change they offered to rotate our tires for no additional charge and at the last minute I asked if they could do my emissions test also. They also, free of charge, ran a safety check and I formed us of several things that needed to be fixed. They let us know that they could help us fix it, but totally didn't pressure me into anything. They took longer than they had told me it would be and I was glad I arranged for someone to come pick me up. We will definitely be going back to them in the future.
Sara Munson
Sara Munson
14:39 15 Mar 19
Excellent customer service! They are honest and straight forward. They help you understand what needs to be done for your car and why. Keep up the good work you guys!
Zowee Barnes
Zowee Barnes
16:27 14 Feb 19
I have officially found a mechanic I trust! Straight forward and unbelievably friendly. Very pleased with the work done. I would highly recommend this place. Thanks so much to Craig and the entire team!
Jed Argyle
Jed Argyle
20:36 12 Feb 19
Great and honest automobile repairman. Best in Utah County!
Jeremy Maughan
Jeremy Maughan
02:54 23 Jan 19
Great service. They were amazing at communicating with me about my car.
Iron Horse
Iron Horse
15:24 17 Dec 18
It is rare that you find a place “ especially a car repair garage “ that you feel you can really trust, I have! They go above and beyond what they get paid, and just ask that when you need a repair in the future you remember them. Amazing! Can’t recommend them enough!
Cheryl M
Cheryl M
21:46 15 Dec 18
We love these guys!!!! We have had positive experiences with Dickerson again and again!!! They go above and beyond!!!!
Stan Nelson
Stan Nelson
17:40 25 Oct 18
I have been taking my cars to Dickerson Automotive for about 1 year now. They are AMAZING!! The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They are very fast, and I love that I get a call before they do any work on my car. They let me know what they have found, the cost to perform the repair, and then let me decide how to move forward. I have no doubt that everyone there is completely honest. Go here for all of your auto needs!!
Chad Gravallese
Chad Gravallese
13:50 17 Oct 18
Amazing customer service. They really have our best interests in mind. They have such high integrity and honesty. I live 20 minutes away and I'm willing to drive down to them to give them all my business because of the trust I have in them and their high competency and care. They also are so willing to educate me on what's happening to my car. They only recommend services that are actually needed on the car. I would recommend them any day any time. They are the best!
Anonymous Monkey
Anonymous Monkey
05:31 31 Aug 18
Very good service. Would get 5 starts if they were cheaper but they are a bit on the expensive side.
Eric McKell
Eric McKell
00:26 28 Aug 18
Fast and friendly service. They always explain what needs to be done and your options.
Jason Boogert
Jason Boogert
15:29 01 Aug 18
These guys are awesome. I took the car in the morning as scheduled. It was a transmission sensor that was bad. They gave my wife a loaner car for the day. They diagnosed it in the morning and the car was ready by 3pm that same day. They also sent me a personal text the day after offering me $50 off my next service, no minimum purchase and it doesn't expire. The price was fair and reasonable. I loved this experience, and I will be be back again! It makes me want to have my car break down so that I can have them work on it. The auto mechanic experience is different from any other I've had - in a good way. Nice work and keep it up!
Alex Bingham
Alex Bingham
02:32 17 May 18
As a past employee I can tell the public that this place really is honest and fair. All the repair work is done promptly and with the highest level of care. The techs go above and beyond when inspecting a vehicle to make sure that everything is running as it should and checking for potential concerns. The most critical thing to me when looking for a shop is finding one then genuinely is honest. Dickerson Automotive will find the root cause of a problem, not just throw parts at it hoping to fix the issue. I wasn’t paid to write this either, I’m just sharing from personal experience what you can expect from them.
Emily Bennett
Emily Bennett
03:49 20 Apr 18
Great service. They don't try to upsell but help you stay on top of what needs to be done. I love Dickerson.
Lorene Moore
Lorene Moore
17:12 02 Apr 18
I really appreciate the great care and consideration Dickerson Automotive gives every customer. They are the best! You can trust what they say, what they do and how they treat you!
Bryan Grace
Bryan Grace
16:54 28 Mar 18
I have used Dickersons for over ten years. They always do a great job and get it done when they say they will have it Done. They are great to work with.
Maddie Henderson
Maddie Henderson
05:57 11 Mar 18
Got my emissions inspection done quickly and on the spot renewal as well! They also looked into a oil leak for me for not charge and gave me a few very informative options to deal with it. I will definitely be back for any further vehicle needs!
Clint Garner
Clint Garner
14:05 11 Jan 18
I have been really happy with the service Dickerson Automotive has provided me. They have been completely honest, which something I highly value in a mechanic shop.
Mellany Snyder
Mellany Snyder
22:04 02 Jan 18
These guys are amazing!! I had a light come on in my truck that I thought was the low oil pressure while dropping my daughter off at school. So first I turned it off, and second I called Dickerson's! They had their staff come meet me with a loaner car at 7:30 am at the school so that I could get to work on time while they took my truck and figured out what was going on with it. I can't thank you more for the service I can always rely on. Many thanks to Todd, Craig, Zack, and Jordyn - what a team!!
Oliver Howells
Oliver Howells
18:26 05 Dec 17
They are friendly and honest. The couple repairs I’ve had done here have been successful so I’ll definitely be back if I need other repairs.
Marshall Manley
Marshall Manley
18:44 11 Oct 17
We only have one car and I couldn't afford to leave my car there because I had a lot of errands to run and work to do. First place ever to offer me a loaner car for the day! In fact, my vehicle needed extensive work so they let me keep the loaner car for two days. In addition, they were very pleasant to work with . I will definitely use them again and refer family and friends
Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones
14:52 07 Oct 17
I’m always greeted kindly, scheduled quickly and treated with great respect. When my vehicle is being serviced I know it’s in good hands - and will be clean when I pick it up. The Dickerson Automotive service experience is absolutely the best around!
Steven Klauser
Steven Klauser
06:13 12 Sep 17
Have you ever heard how difficult it is to find a honest mechanic? Look no further. Dickerson Automotive has done work on three vehicles for me and a repair on my daughter's car and we are completely satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship they have done. They have never recommended a repair or a part that wasn't needed. I'm not that easy to please but Dickerson has surpassed my expectations every time. I'll keep going back every time I need an auto mechanic. No worries mate.
Jason Moss
Jason Moss
13:54 29 Aug 17
I have been using Dickerson for a few years and between my personal and business vehicles I have had plenty of experiences with Dickerson service and work. I highly recommend them. A smart and honest mechanic is hard to come by. I struck gold with Dickerson!
Randi Anderson
Randi Anderson
16:25 23 Aug 17
The very first time I went to Dickerson auto was such a great experience that I will probably make them my official go-to. They were super friendly and clear about what to expect. They are very reasonably priced, and they do a great job! It's also just a nice atmosphere if you need to wait a while. Great place!
See All Reviews

It is rare to find a shop that is up front and honest in all their dealings. I appreciate the integrity. I won’t take my vehicles anywhere else. You have earned my trust and my business.

Layne Drollinger

Could not be happier with my experience. Car is running great. Repair done in a timely manner. Saved money. Had the use of a loaner car and the staff is so nice. Dickerson Automotive will continue to get my business.

Dana Robinson

Great service,great people, reliable, honesty.

Jim Linford

You will be treated fairly and the work on your car will be excellent.


Very trustworthy


I would definitely recommend it!

Obie Wing

That they do you a great job.

Joe simmons

By all means get your car serviced by them. They tell you the truth about what needs to be done


I would refer Dickerson to anyone who asked me if I knew of an honest and trustworthy Automotive shop. Dickerson is fair and they never try to take advantage of my lack of knowledge when it comes to my automobile.

Sahra Hiss

The experience I had was great, I didn’t feel pressured into anything and the work that was done was outstanding.

Robert Jensen

I would recommend they take their car there for service. I have been very satisfied with every service they have performed on my vehicles.

Stephen D Kirkwood

Have always been treated fairly and never overcharged because I am a female!!


It’s the only place I trust with my vehicles. Always very professional! We love these guys!

Rachel Seat

The prices are a little on the high side, but the service is great. The fact that you got my truck in and repaired all within the last half of the day made it worth it.

Clint Garner

It is great and they know what they are doing and there is no surprises they inform you of your costs.

Casey Riches

They always treat me fair and don’t take advantage of me because I’m a woman.

Karen H.

I drive from Orem to SF to have my car inspected and other needed work because of “Trust” that they will fix my problems and be honest with me in the type of repairs and service needed and not push repairs not necessary. The last inspection they found previous work by others to be defective and therefore having to have the wheel bearings and frontend repairs redone. Trust is important and as long as I feel that I can trust them, even with an older vehicle, I will continue to have take my vehicles to their shop.

Ann Cox

Like always I would tell them I would go nowhere else

Todd Wilkins

I would definitely refer a family member or friend to Dickerson’s

Sahra Hiss

Phenomenal! Completely 110% awesome. I Don’t trust anybody else, quality and loyalty are their specialties and I am always impressed by the endless patience and genuine support given at Dickerson Automotive!

Alyssa Wright

We have found that they give the best overall service at the best price around and they have great customer service. They took the time to explain everything. Plus they are fast and they washed my car. Loved that!

Linda Foulke

Very friendly service. No hassles.

Josh Bradley

I refer EVERYBODY I know to Dickerson’s without hesitation!

Aaron Melton

Best and most honest mechanics I’ve ever had. Finding a repair shop this good is hard to find. They are great!

Conan Robison

Dickerson Automotive does a fantastic job! I love how they gave me a report that showed what was recommended to be fixed and they did not pressure me into doing anything. They were not mad at me for not having everything that was recommended fixed, unlike other repair shops I have gone to they get angry and try to pressure you to make all the repairs they suggest. Dickerson has great customer service and they do a great job at explaining everything.

Josh Brinkerhoff

They are the most friendly and informative I have found.

Dave Johnson

I know many people worry if they can trust a repair shop to be honest. I was in the same boat until I started taking my vehicles to Dickersons about four years ago. I feel like they have always been honest and fair with me and haven’t pressured me into stuff I don’t need they have given recommendations and items of most importance and have always called and talked about things before the work is performed. And the customer service has been second to none in the industry they truly go above and beyond and have earned a customer for life. Thanks for the great service


They are very honest and great to work with. I have always loved to work with them. They do a great job finding the problems with my cars.

bryan grace

The only auto shop I will trust

Clay Jensen

I needed a new water pump. Totally satisfied. An old vehicle working perfect again, thanks.


When ever asked where to go for car repairs, I always recommend Dickerson’s Automotive for repairs. They have always exceeded my expectations and their work is always professional.

Mark Hersom

i refer all my friends and family to Dickersons

Kathleen B

I am always very pleased with my care at Dickerson’s Automotive. They always consult with me before doing any extra repairs that are needed. They do top quality work and excellent customer service!

Lana Nielsen

yes – would definitely recommend to friends and family

Matt Riggs

I trust Dickerson. They do a quality job and want a satisfied customer.

Lorraine Davis

Dickerson is upfront and honest. I trust them to make the repairs the vehicle needs and to not sell unneeded services.

Jared Walter

“1. These guy’s know what they are doing
2. Their prices are comparable if not better than their competitors.
3. They communicate with you during the process so you know what to expect.”

Tom Montague

Dickerson Auto Is the only auto shop I trust with my families vehicles, always great professional service…

Clay Jensen

Customer service is always great, and have always felt confident the work done is done correctly and competently.

Stephen Kirkwood

That they have always taken care of us.


Very friendly and professional. The recommendations are presented with out pressure and I really appreciate that.

Ann Zahrt

I trust Dickerson Automotive 100% with my vehicles! They’re honest and trustworthy. They give their honest opinion on repairs and I know that they’re not just trying to take my money!

Jennifer Anderson

The staff at Dickersons is friendly, skilled, knowledgeable, competitively priced, trustworthy and they stand behind their work. Everything you could you want from a business and a mechanic.

Judy Prothero

I have been a loyal customer to Dickersons for years. I consider the staff a Dickersons as Family and they are always very friendly and professional. The quality of the work and product at Dickersons and the honest and thorough diagnostics is why I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Travis Miller

They are the best auto mechanics I have ever dealt with…ever.

Conan Robison

awesome service and work

Greg Nay

Good Service and They do a good job on the cars you can trust them

Alan Robinson

Less expensive than I thought. I feel that Dickersons is honest and that is the MOST important thing to me.

Linda Dalecki

I would tell them that you can trust them and they really are concerned about saving you money and won’t suggest anything that is not necessary for you car. We put a lot of miles on our cars and we are very lucky to have Dickerson as our family “car doctor”.

Lorraine Davis

Good service at a fair price… That is why I keep coming back!

Mark Carlson

They always do a great job and have been honest with me. I’ve been taking my vehicles there for nearly 20 years. I trust them when they tell me it’s time to spend a little extra money to make the appropriate repairs, because for years they have saved me money by telling me what it not a necessary repair.

Janice Nielsen

Thanks for the call. Thanks for the work.

Ron Bateman

I had extensive work done on my vehicle. I am very happy with the results.


Courteous and friendly service.Quick turn around!

John Peterson

Always treats me like a King

Karl Wiscombe

Customer service here is astounding. The mechanics and supervision have a keen insight into auto repair and will explain things clearly. I have always been impressed by their speed. If you have to choose, come here to Dickerson. You won’t be disappointed.

Travis Bourne

We trust Dickerson’s completely! We value their opinion and trust that they will always do a great job on our vehicle.

Ragen Porter

Trust is very important to me. Thank you for being trustworthy.

Linda Dalecki

Two cars safety checked and emmision’d. All handled quickly. Very courteous with a couple of follow-up issues.

George Wheeler

Dropped my truck off and was told it would be about five days before y’all could get to it. I drove it away three days later. I appreciate squeezing me in. The five day wait up-front is hard when your vehicle is so important but, it’s important for the folks you’re working on ahead of me. Same day service every time we come in would be awesome, but I’m not sure how you could pull that off ?

Scott Kavanaugh

Good honest service

Karl Wiscombe

Good quality, timely service.

Josh Bradley

We appreciation the way you take care of our car and truck. You guys areso kind and do such a good job. We tell all our family and friends aboutyou business. We are glad we found someone we can trust!Thanks,Grant

Grant Christopherson Christopherson

Very friendly, polite and fast. Thank you for the work you have done.

Bryce Fackrell

I trust Dickerson. We have had mechanics be dishonest in the past and have been looking for a place we feel is honest and upfront with us. Most important is that they do quality work that will last.

Sarah Hiss

Very professional and kind service.

Ryan Mendenhall

We broke down on I-15 and was fixed and on the road a few hours later. Friendly service and detailed work.

Doug Stoddard

They did a good job

James Bouchard

Best service in the State. They get you right in. Always willing to go the extra mile and not over charge you. They will even drive your vehicle to try and diagnose what the problem is. They also call about a week or so after you get your vehicle back just to check up on how things are going! Thanks for your service. I recommend Dickerson’s to every one I talk to.


Exceptional customer service. Dickerson’s is the premier auto service business in Spanish Fork.

Mark Vanvoorhis

Completed work quickly. An additional unplanned item needed replaced. They knew that I could do that portion myself. They just mentioned what it was. No pushy sales tactics. Thanks.


The service was fast and the price was more than fair. They went above and beyond to get me back in my car.

Janelle Beagles

Great friendly service. Will look to Dickersons for any future needs.

Gerard King

Thank you for treating me with respect as a woman. That is huge. You gave me a ride to my Salem office. I really appreciate how quickly you did the repairs after having to get parts. You were great explaining everything that was wrong with my car. I actually understood it.Thanks,Amy

Amy Jones

You were great as always. Quality word done.

Rene Collett

Once again, Dickerson’s got me in right-away! I live out-of the-area and was pressed.for.time the day before I flew out-of-town. I did not want to drive to SLC without having my car looked at. It was late in the day, but they took me right away and made sure my car was ready to go. What a GREAT place!

Linda Holz

1st Time Customer. I have just moved to Spanish Fork and was very pleased with the service provided.

Robert Raisbeck

If you are looking for an excellent honest macanic this is the place.

Melba Romero

Dickersons automotive was so great. nothing is worse than having car trouble out of town. They were able to diagnose my problem quickly and fixed it conveniently.I would highly recommend Dickerson’s automotive to anyone in need of automotive assistance.

Jed Ence

I was very pleased with the service I received. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Dave Bennett

Great Service.

David Hatch

They are fast and efficient! He called me to let me know what was wrong. Since I had to have it towed in. I wI’ll definitely be takingyour car back if need be.

Erica Carmona

Have been a Dicerson’s customer for many years. Alway know that I will be treated fairly and that the work will be professionaly done at a competative price. Really trust Dickerson’s. Anytime I hear that someone needs some work done I refer them to contact the team at Dickerson’s.

Mark Harrison

Timely and friendly service. Very no hassle.

Josh Bradley

Great Service!

Cole Grace

Very customer focused!

Doug Loehr

the Team at Dickerson Auto do a great job!


I was impressed at the professionalism and added value Dickerson gave us and our vehicle. They really made my day!

Laura Weight

You even cleaned garbage from my car floor.

Bart Pulsipher

I had a full service oil change for $24.95 elsewhere, you guys wanted $37.95, my truck only holds 4 quarts of oil, and has no grease points, shop around, find a better deal….$40.00 for 4 quarts and a filter, I don’t think so… I don’t owe anyone a living…


Great job. Done quickly and efficiently. I’ll be back.

James May

They where very nice and fast

Mary Bahena

Dickersons does a great job every time I take my cars there. Service is outstanding and so is there work won’t go anywhere else

Tanner Williams

You guys were great, honest, and efficient. You didn’t go digging for issues, you did what you could and I appreciate that so much. I’ll be coming back for all my maintainance.

Adrienne Johnson

Awesome service. They just worked as per my comfort. Definitely a recommend for everyone. They are now my permanent automotive guys.Thank you for the amazing service

Puneet Bedi

I have gone to Dickerson for all my car repairs for almost three years now. The staff there is always so friendly and willing to explain the repairs to me. I feel like I pay a fair price for great service. I would recommend Dickerson for any of your car problems!

Natalie Shaw

They always do a great job. Finally a automotive repair shop that I can trust.

Karl Wiscombe

Took car in with some front end noise. They found and replaced the noisy bearing even with my loud exhaust.


Fast Great service. Very professional team. They helped me understand what was needed to be done on my car and why.

Ryan Davies

We’ve always compared prices when we have work to be done on our cars. Dickerson Automotive has always either met or beat competitor prices. We’ve taken our cars out of town to try to find a good mechanic, but all along they were right here. We’ve had to spend quite a bit of money lately on car repairs and it’s good to feel like you’re being dealt with honestly. The staff here is awesome. Always doing just a bit extra to make sure you’re happy with the outcome. They know how to treat their customers (and fix cars too!) Oh, you’ve heard about the vacuum and wash? They even found the floor in my daughters car 😉


Thanks Graig for the kind and courteous way you take care of us , also hats off to your mechanics for always doing a fine job .

roger evans

You folks are the best! Craig really steered me right and I appreciate his help and excellent service!

Alex Leatham

I live out of town and I just dropped by without an appointment. They have always been really good to work me in. I am so greatful for the courtesy and professionalism shown. I know absolutely nothing about cars and it is the one place I do not feel they are taking advantage of me.

Linda Holz

They are really accommodating! They do great work and are very friendly!

Ryan Nielsen

My wife will not go anywhere but here. I have gone to other places before and regretted it. The people are just awesome here and the service is great. i won’t make the mistake of going someone else again. Even for something so simple as an oil change.

Tyler Child

Excellent job. Did more than I expected even washed it. Customer service was wonderful. I will have all my automotive work done at Dickersons.

Karl Wiscombe

They did a great job at a fair price thanks !!!

Seth Johnson

The customer service was great! Very helpful and easy to work with.

Taunia Wilson

Impressed with everything!!

KAREN Andrew

Thank You. I called and the car was fixed the same day. It was very appreciated. I repair my own autos whenever possible, paying any mechanic to repair a vehicle is expensive, but this time it needed additional help beyond my ability. I have heard others experiences that weren’t so great but I have always had a good experience with them. That is why I keep going back when needed.


I was visiting from out-of-state and needed an alignment before heading back East. They were helpful on the phone, friendly, accommodating about scheduling and very professional in every regard. Their facility was clean and comfortable for me to wait in. Clearly, they are professional in every regard and I would never take my car anywhere else in Utah County. You can feel confident in their work, their reputation and their integrity. I didn’t have access to a printer to print their online coupon and they honored it anyways.

Trent D

Great service! Thank you!

Melody Barber

Go to shop for motorcycle safety inspection!

Doug Loehr

Thanks for taking care of me with oil changes and other things that I bring down there to have done. Thanks for the other day when I had my oil changed and I had a problem with the service light and I didn’t no what it was and you guys took the time to get it so it went off and didn’t charge me. Thanks again Grant

Grant Christopherson

I commute to work in Spanish Fork from Salt Lake. When my alternator went out they got my car in right away and even gave me a ride back to work. They had everything fixed by the time I got off work so I could get home and even washed my car. I would highly recommend Dickerson’s to anyone, they are great.


Did a great job and even washed the car! Service was personable, quick, and all one could hope for.

Alex Leatham

Fixed quickly and were fair on price.

Kent Wilson

Thank you.

Bryce Fackrelo

Good Service Fast Service Honest Service.


They were fast and had my car ready quickly.

Becky Chipman

Fast and professional, would use again.

Chad Asay

Great customer service! I’ll will take my vehicle there for all my needs

Tanner Williams

Great service!


Great service the gentleman at the desk. Was so helpful

Bobbi Robertson

You guys treat us super. It is nice to go to a place that we know we can trust and are willing to get us in quick. Thanks for the vacuum job.

James Ford

Excellent service!!Thank you

Jeff Smith

five stars

Grant Christopherson

Fast, friendly, fair. What more can I say?


I appreciate the service I receive when I come down there.We appreciate your honesty with us when our car needs to be worked on.We never worry when you do work for us.We appreciate your friendship.Thank,Grant & Patsy Christopherson

Grant Christopherson

Great service. Upfront and honest!In and out!Love it!

Jamie Gould

Excellent communication and up-front (although not below-market) pricing; staff is very friendly


The person I worked with was very professional and communicated well to me concerning my car and the care it needed.

Kyle Weight

Excellent, fast & friendly service! I will definitely come back in the future. Thank you!


I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I came in to have my Jeep checked and get a tune up only to be told my Jeep was fine and did not require a tune up just yet. Had I taken it to my old place (Doug Smith) they would have done the tune up and found something else wrong with my jeep as well that would have broke the bank. I am so happy my friends Adriane and Mabel Reynoso told me about Dickerson Automotive. I will definitely be back for regular maintenance as well as any issues I have with my Baby Jeep. Thanks for your honesty!

Pamela Kuhstoss

Great service, quick workers, great job! I was surprised with a clean car (they washed and vacuumed my car!) when I picked it up which was totally unexpected and nice of them.

Mark Miles

Always fast, nice and great work! Thanks

Bryan Grace

We love Dickerson Automotive. We know that we can trust the work that is done on our cars. They are always dependable and prompt in their service. We would recommend them to all our friends and family.

Karl Blunck

Very satisfied with the service.

Steve Kirkwood

Dickerson is always upfront and honest. They work with you and get the job done right.

Bobby Goode

Did a great job!

Garrett Dyches

Everyone is so caring, and do not take advantage. I felt safe and not taken for a ride becuase I am a women. I will tell everyone how great you are and send them your way.

Kathleen Sorensen

Emissions and inspection were done a very timely manner.

Gary Johnston

Thank you, Dickerson Automotive! I appreciate your prompt service and professionalism.

Susan Creer

Great job, prompt, and convenient.

Conan Robison

The people at Dickerson’s do a wonderful job. Clean shop and great repairs. I’ve been going to Dickerson’s for sometime now and have always had a good experience and great results.

Doug Snelson

we always know we get honest, great service from your business. Thank you all!!

Sonja Damon

Always Quick affordable service.

Todd Wilkins

Once again, very pleased with the service. Thank you.

Troy Gordon

very quick

Shelley Barker

I have always been impressed with how quickly my truck was looked at and the turn around time on repairs. Also, the willingness of employees to stay a little bit late without being asked. I have never had any issues with price quotes being less than the actual bill. Just a straight up honest shop. The level of technical expertise is awesome. I’ve never had to bring a vehicle back once.Keep up the good work!!!!

Mike Alleman

People were really friendly and helpful. I will go there any day

Rosa Brown

Excellent, honest, good pricing.

Reed Mcgrew

Good job.

Merlin Johnson

Very happy with the work.

Mark Hersom

You all are awesome. it is important to us to have a reliable car / truck service. And HONESTY!! Thank you so much.. We plan on bringing our vehicles from basic service to major repairs.

Scott Aitken

It turns out your service didn’t quite solve the problem (not your fault, turns out this is a trickier problem than we thought) but the care and service you did provide was outstanding and above and beyond what any other company would have done! We really appreciate all the people at Dickersons! When my daughter brought in the car, you didn’t make her feel like a ditzy female and she really appreciated that! Thank you!

Ben Bird

Amazing and trustworthy as usual!

Alexander Jenkins

thanks for working on our car you did an excellent job and we can always trust you to be honest and fair.

Jim Curtis

Amazing service! Quality care! Trustworthy and honest men! There is no better automotive shop in the state.

Jory Porter

We are always very happy with the customer service that we receive at Dickerson. We’ve never been frustrated with the service and trust that we are getting the best and most accurate advice about our vehicles. The extra care in washing our car is a great touch. Thank you for all that you do.

Troy Gordon

You always do a great job. THanks

Merlin Johnson

Thank you, you guys are the best!

Jayson Swenson

As always, Dickerson did a great job and it seemed like a really fair price. Thanks for the great work. It runs perfectly now and we will come back to Dickerson next time we need mechanic work or service.

Randy Hall

I drive from Pleasant Grove because I trust them. To me that’s the most important part of the service they offer.

Scott Johnson

Breaks, Emission, and oil change

Ed Sears

Very up front and honest – I trust them very much.

Mike Poulter

Thank you for your great customer service. I appreciate the good work you do and the friendship we’ve formed the past several years. Thank you for keeping me on the road!

Jesse Killpack

They did a great job, I appreicate the great service. I feel that I was given quality products at a fair price. They know the value of good old home town service

Dale Whitlock

I’ve been a committed customer of Dickerson’s since they had a shop in Springville. And have taken my car problems to them for over twenty years. I am grateful to have found this great business. Looking for a repair shop you can trust wholeheartedly? This is the one.

Peter W.

I have loved going to Dickerson Automotive. They have taken great care of myself, my family and friends. There is no one else I would recommend for working on your car or truck. When my wife’s van broke down a she limped it into their parking lot just to have a hose blow on the radiator. They all raced out of the shop to get my 4 girls out of the van and to help anyway they could. She was was calmed by their friendly smiles and they way they went beyond what a repair shop would normally have done. So I say thank you to Todd and all of the other guys. A loyal customer for life. Kyle Harrison

Kyle H.